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Southern Gila County is rich in artifacts, art and architecture, offering something for either the serious student of history or the casual traveler taking a day-trip to the area.

Here are just a few of the attractions:


  • Besh-Ba-Gowah
    1.5 miles from downtown Globe, 928-425-0320

    Always a popular stop for visitors, this archaeological park and museum, located 1.5 miles from historic downtown Globe, offers a first-hand look at how people in the Salado Culture (1150 to 140) lived and worked. A reconstructed 700-year-old Salado pueblo is featured, along with artifacts of the era. The Museum holds one of the largest single-site archaeological collections in the Southwest.
    Start with a visit here and then take the 45-minute drive out to the Tonto National Monument where you can walk up to actual cliff dwellings.

  • Bullion Plaza Cultural Center and Museum
    Sullivan Street, Miami, 928-473-3700

    Formerly a high school, the museum houses an interesting array of artifacts, photographs and memorabilia depicting the economic and social life of the area's early years. There are exhibits honoring community men and women who served in the armed services, with wartime uniforms and weapons from past conflicts. Globe's nationally known tile artists, Bob and Charmion McKusick donated their lifetime collection of unique ceramic tiles and materials to the museum.
    The family of former Arizona Senator A.V. "Bill" Hardt, who was known for 30 years service in the legislature as "Mr. Rural Arizona," has given his papers and memorabilia to the museum.

  • Gila County Courthouse
    101 N. Broad, Globe, 928-425-0884

    Once the center of legal action in Gila County, the old Gila County Courthouse in downtown Globe now houses the Cobre Valley Center for the Arts. This was the second county courthouse to be built on the site. The original courthouse was completed in September, 1888, but it was quickly too small to accommodate the booming community. The current huge stone structure was built from tufa rock cut from the San Carlos Reservation in 1905 and was used until the mid-1970s when demands outgrew the size. Vacant for many years, it now is the focus of an ongoing restoration project that already has uncovered beautiful wood floors and restored antiques original to the building.

  • Gila County Historical Museum
    1330 N. Broad Street, Globe, 928-425-7385

    In addition to pioneer artifacts, the Gila County Historical Museum offers historical memorabilia from the area's Native American roots and covers life of the miners in early Globe. Once the Old Dominion Mine Rescue Station, the building now contains period rooms including Governor George P. Hunt's bedroom and a mine superintendent's office.

  • Historic Gila County Jail and Sheriff's Office
    149 E. Oak Street, Globe, 928-425-9340

    When the Gila County Courthouse originally was constructed, the Sheriff's office and a 16-cell jail occupied the basement floor. (The barred windows are still visible in the alley behind the courthouse.) But the jail immediately was overcrowded, and a new structure was built. Completed in 1910, a new jail was attached by a bridge to the Courthouse; the bridge was used to transport prisoners when the two buildings were in use. A pamphlet prepared by the Historic Globe Main Street Program warns that graffiti in the cell blocks is "intact, sensitive and not for everyone!" Today, the building is used for community events, including "Jailhouse Rock," and the annual "Ghosts of Globe Tour" at Halloween.

  • San Carlos Cultural Center
    Highway 70, 928-475-2894

    The Center, located in Peridot, on Highway 70, about 20 miles east of Globe, a cultural legacy left by the people who lived on the land for thousands of years and of the great period of time when the Apache people "moved like the wind" across vast areas of the Southwestern United States and northern New Mexico. It also tells of the forced confinement on the reservation and life on the reservation today and in the future.


  • Besh-Ba-Gowah
    1.5 miles from downtown Globe, 928-425-0320

    See description above under "Museums."

  • Cobre Valley Center for the Arts
    101 N. Broad Street, Globe, 928-425-0884

    An active, vibrant Center that grew out of the vision of a small, but dedicated group of local residents, the Center is located in the historic Gila County Courthouse. It features fine art exhibits, theater, artist studios, classes, a music academy, dance studio, frame shop and gift shop.

  • San Carlos Cultural Center
    Highway 70, 928-475-2894

    The Center, located in Peridot, about 20 miles east of Globe, displays fine examples of the basketry and beadwork for which the San Carlos Apache residents have long been known. Authentic arts and crafts are available in the Center's Gift Shop.


  • Copper Spike Station
    Historic Freight Office Building, Depot Complex, 230 S. Broad Street, Globe, 928-425-0235

    The historic freight office, part of the larger complex in the early 1900's, is a red brick building with elaborate cornices and concrete embellishments. Originally a freight office, the building underwent renovation recently for us as the Copper Spike Station for an excursion rail test run between downtown Globe and the Apache Gold Casino.


  • Elks Club
    155 W. Mesquite Street, Globe

    According to Ripley's Believe It Or Not, the world's tallest three-story building is in Globe! The old Elks Lodge, built in 1910, has really high ceilings, earning it the distinction, and now houses the Antique Mall.

  • Gila Bank Building
    294 N. Broad Street, Globe

    A beautiful building, built in 1909, that features arching 22-foot windows, designed by Adler and Sullivan Architects of Chicago. The building was restored for retail use in the early 1990's.

  • Gila County Courthouse
    101 N. Broad Street, Globe

    The 1906 courthouse, home to the Cobre Valley Center for the Arts, is undergoing restoration and upgrading to improve handicap accessibility. The Arts Center was recognized in 2005 by Governor Janet Napolitan as one of "Arizona's Treasures." The governor dedicated a reception room in the center that honors two of Arizona's governor who came from Globe, Governor George Hunt and Governor Rose Mofford.

  • Holy Angels Church
    201 S. Broad Street, Globe, 928-425-3137

    This Romanesque Revival Church has remarkable stained glass windows. Constructed between 1916 and 1918 of tufa rock, like many of the larger structures built in this era, it has a bell tower and high relief depiction of "The Last Supper." The altar is plaster, painted to simulate marble, and reportedly was imported from Italy.

  • Kelly's Broad Street Brewery
    190 N. Broad Street, Globe

    For years, the building was the site of the bustling J.C. Penney's store.

  • Kinney Boarding House
    150 W. Mesquite Street, Globe

    Now home to Past Times Antiques, the Kinney Board House was built in the 1880s and served the lodging needs of visitors for nearly half a century. Local legend claims the boarding house, one of the oldest original structures in downtown globe, was once managed by Big Nose Kate, the girlfriend of Doc Holliday, after she left Tombstone.

  • The Masonic Lodge
    180 N. Broad Street Globe

    Among the oldest lodge buildings in Arizona is the Globe Masonic Lodge on Broad Street, built in 1912. For more than 95 years, the lodge has continuously met on the second story, where the original furniture and woodwork remain. The downstairs has been landlord to many downtown businesses, including the long-time popular gathering spot, the former Unique Sporting Goods.

  • Miami YMCA Building
    38 Miami Avenue, Miami

    Built by the Miami Copper Company in 1917 at the then-astronomical cost of over $100,000, this 26,000-square foot building features a Georgian Revival style. For more than 70 years, a central role in the town. Closed in 1988 for good. Undergoing restoration and renovation.

  • Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Church
    914 Sullivan Street, Miami

    Constructed in its present location on Sullivan Street in 1915, this is a small, but beautiful traditional Catholic Church with lovely windows.

  • Sullivan Street in Miami
    One block off US 60

    Once bustling with hotels, beauty shops, bars, barbershops and even a bordello, Sullivan's historic buildings are now home to an array of antique shops. If only their walls could talk! Check out the currently vacant Delvan's Drawing Room, once the Soderman Building, as an example of a structure with a colorful past. The 1910 building has served as a Finnish saloon, speakeasy, mercantiles, assayer's office, grovery and a rooming house for copper miners.

  • Superior City Park
    Located on US 60

    The park displays a re-created mine shaft and full-size train caboose.

  • Superior High School
    Located off US 60 (use Magma Avenue)

    Built 12 years after Arizona statehood, this is the oldest continuously used school in Arizona.

  • Superior Territorial Jail
    Located off US 60 at the intersection of Magma and Main

    The old jail, built in 1881, still stands behind the Superior Fire Department.

  • Tonto National Monument
    Off Highway 188 (the highway is halfway between Globe and Miami; the monument is 45-55 minutes from the turnoff), 928-467-2241

    No tour of the area's historic architecture could be complete without noting the Salado cliff dwellings four miles east of Roosevelt Dam. Park gates are open daily, and the site features a museum and explanatory video. The Lower Dwelling Trail, which leads to a 19-room cliff dwelling, is a one-mile round trip and takes about an hour. The 40-room upper dwelling may be visited by guided tour only.


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